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  • ul. Sukiennicza 6-8
  • ul. Szlak 50 & 77
  • ul. Sarego 26
  • ul. Lubicz 17a
  • Plac na Groblach 5
  • ul. Zwierzyniecka 24
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Spend a night in the very center of magical Krakow.

All of our Apartments are based in the city center. It gives you a great comfort of getting around the city. It takes just a few minutes to reach the main points of Krakow.

Some of the attractions are even in sight directly from our apartments.

Angel Wawel
Angel Wawel
Angel Wawel
Sukiennicza 6-8 Street 7 categories of apartments
Angel Wawel is a luxury investment using three historic buildings combined with a new residental fragment. In both parts there was an extraordinary quality ...
Angel City
Angel City
Angel City
Szlak 50 & 77 Street 5 categories of apartments
Feel the comfort in a modern edition! A luxurious complex of two buildings with silent elevators, an underground car park and security. Each building ...
Sarego Residence
Sarego Residence
Sarego Residence
Sarego 26 Street 3 categories of apartments
Discover the nature of luxury! A thoroughly renovated apartment house with a silent lift, an interior garden, a glazed patio, an underground car park ...
Old Town
Old Town
Old Town
Lubicz 17a Street 2 categories of apartments
Old Town is an investment whose advantage is location. It is located in the very center of Krakow, it is the only 5 minutes walk to the Main ...
Plac na Groblach 5 5 categories of apartments
Discover the magical character of Krakow! Plac na Groblach at which Wawel Luxury Apartments are located is a special place in Krakow. The location between ...
Angel Plaza
Angel Plaza
Angel Plaza
Zwierzyniecka 24 Street 8 categories of apartments
Spend the night in the neightbourhood of Wawel Castle! Angel Plaza is an exceptional complex located at Zwierzyniecka Street. It connects Old Town with ...


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